Zhu Yuan Vegetarian was establish since 2007 1st of the May. We found vegetarian itself playing an important role to public which concern on healthy life, environment free concious, stop cruelty to animal and you will going to feel surprise that still a lot of benefit stand behind for commit to vegetarian. The mission of our restaurant is to make all people slowly from non-vegetarian convert to vegetarian and invent new concept of vegetarian receipe to make most of the people accept with vegetarian meal. First priority that we concern is make every one to accept and enjoy in new vegetarian dining concept. Therefore, we have to cover up with few services such as : set lunch, a'la carte, buffet, cost dinner, steam-boat and outer catering. In 2009,26 of october, our restaurant was selected by editorial office trade leaders'club which the organization from madrid to honour the most outstanding establishment in the tourist,hotel,restaurant and catering fields as a winner of the trophy for the year 2010. On the occassion of the trophy's 35th Anniversary, we are proud to be one of the nominee with this year and exceptionally it will be named Golden Award for Tourist,Hotel and Catering Industry.            

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